1st Party Collection

Accounts Receivable is generally considered the second largest asset in a company. It's also one of the biggest challenges to manage.   

Through its partnership with Inet Credit Exchange (ICE), NACM Heartland offers a service that allows your credit department or collection manager an efficient and automated means of tracking and prompting A/R for payment. This ultimately leads to a reduction of bad debt loss and maximizes company and department profits while respecting the customer.

The ICE Service Center is made available to you as a tool to enhance your credit department, by automating a series of reminders to your customers. This occurs on your letterhead, using your signature, phone and fax numbers, and directing all payments to your lock box -- all first party collections. For a flat fee, the reminder series usually covers a 60-day period consisting of letters, faxes, e-mails and phone calls to your customers. You can create as many different reminder series as needed and you also can place accounts for third party collections from the service center.

You pay no up-front fees to use the ICE Service Center and there are no quotas you must meet for participation. Data updates via FTP to our data center are important for this program to work efficiently. You can customize all letters and program schedules. Month-end reports allow you to track everything. Letters are signed with your digital signature.

The system was designed with great flexibility and ease of use. The ICE Service Center is available for demonstration.

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