Commerical Collections

Collecting receivables is simply a part of doing business, yet it is often the most difficult part of our job.

Most of us have the experience and skills to execute a successful collection strategy, yet for numerous reasons we let accounts become delinquent and even uncollectable.  While these accounts often represent a small portion of a portfolio and therefore are a low priority, this is still money owed to your company and it is worth attempting to collect. 

Outsourcing is both a time and cost saving alternative.      

Through your NACM Heartland membership, you have access to highly successful, cost-effective collection services. Engage with our partner BARR Credit Services for your first or third party commercial collections.

BARR focuses on:

  • Providing industry-leading recovery results, exceptional customer service, 24-hour secure access to your claims online, and 10- business day remittance. 
  • Building long term relationships with personalized service for your collection needs.
  • Proving to be an extension of your company’s efforts, always representing your organization professionally and treating your customers with respect.
  • BARR holds company certifications with both the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC) and the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). 

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