Your NACM Heartland membership opens the door to a wide variety of products and services designed to assist today's busy credit department.



Commercial Collections

Through your NACM Heartland membership, you have access to highly successful, cost-effective collection services. Engage with our partner BARR Credit Services for your first or third party commerical collections.

Credit Exchange Groups

We host national, regional and local credit groups in agriculture, animal health, bio-fuels, construction and steel. These forums use industry-leading technology to help your business evaluate risk, while also providing you opportunities for networking and education.

Credit Reports

We've partnered with OneCreditSource.cfm to provide our members economically-priced access to consumer and commercial credit reports.

Credit Scoring

NACM Heartland members can access credit scores through their relationship with D & B, Equifax and our own proprietary ICE system.

ICE Service Center

Through our partnerships with Inet Credit Exchange (ICE), our members have access to a service that allows your credit department or collection manager an efficient and automated means of tracking and prompting A/R for payment.

International Credit

Through our partnership with Financial Credit & International Business (FCIB), credit professionals whose work is focused on doing business with companies abroad find an array of support service.

EFT, Online Bill Pay and Check Guarantee

The partnership between United TranzAction and NACM truly adds value to your company! Check out any of UTA's leading edge products to appreciate the quality and savings that UTA provides.

Job Postings provides access to a national database-driven job classified section for credit positions. For employers and jobseekers, this page lists in credit, collections and A/R.

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