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Credit Exchange Groups

A credit exchange group provides peer knowledge, education and training, and networking. 


What is a Credit Exchange Group?
A credit exchange group provides peer knowledge, education and networking. Credit professionals from the same industry meet periodically to exchange information, including customer payment history, industry trends, and for professional education. A credit exchange group is an association of credit professionals from the same industry who meet on a regular basis for the primary purpose of exchanging credit information.

How often do groups meet?
Group schedules vary depending on member needs. Groups may meet monthly or quarterly.

How much do groups cost?
Group fees vary and cover the meeting costs and may have additional costs for meals, speakers, and incidentals.

Who can attend Credit Exchange Groups?
Credit personnel may attend industry groups. Sales staff may not participate. All information shared in the group setting must remain confidential and may only be used by the credit department.

What is Antitrust and how does it protect my firm in a credit group situation?
Antitrust laws promote business and limit monopolies and anti-competitive behavior. NACM antitrust guidelines limit exposure to claims of anti-competitive behavior in the industry group environment.

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