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Payment Processing

EFT, Online Bill Pay, Check Guarantee and Credit Card Processing

United TranzAction

Check out any of UTA’s leading edge products to appreciate the quality and savings that UTA provides.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
    UTA brings the bank to your desktop. Cost effectively increases speed of payment.

  • Online Bill Pay
    Empowers your company to accept customer initiated payments on your website.

  • Credit Card Services
    Aggressively priced credit card services for merchants backed by one of the nation’s largest processors: Fifth-Third.

  • Check Guarantee Services
    Accept checks without the risk: a simple and economical way to reduce bad debt.

  • Additional Benefits
    As a member of the NACM you will receive all of UTA’s great products and support as well as additional benefits including:

    • Special Rates for NACM Members

    • No Application, No Reprogramming & No Statement Fees

    • No Membership or Monthly Maintenance Fees

    • No Call Charges

    • No Software to Purchase

    • Unlimited Tech Support

    • No Voice Authorization Fee

    • No Return Fees

To learn more call 954.431.5256 Ext 7019 and ask for Michael Williams.

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