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NACM Heartland: The Value of Membership

"I am incredibly appreciative of what I have been able to take away from being a part of an exchange group. The credit professionals within the group are willing to share their experiences, which helps all of us learn and grow. And while the meetings hold great value, I find the discussions held afterward to be really important as well. These impromptu conversations help me obtain another professional’s opinion and allow me to see things from another perspective. Additionally, the Lunch and Learn events have been a valuable resource for me to gain additional training and/or reassurance that I am already doing the right thing for our customers. From enhancing my analytical skills by attending the educational opportunities to keeping up with changing times in our industry by reading the Business Credit Magazine, there are many ways this organization has helped me grow." 


Steve Stahl, GWB
NACM Heartland Board Chair  |  November 2020

Credit Groups: More than Sharing Data

"NACM Heartland credit exchange groups are a valuable tool for credit professionals no matter what industry you are in.


As a participant in the Construction Credit Exchange Group, I know this first hand. Even though I had been in the credit profession for several years, when I switched to the construction industry there was something of a learning curve. The peers in my credit group had a wealth of knowledge they were more than willing to share. I greatly appreciate the time and insights they provided me as I adjusted to a new industry, as well as the support they still provide today."


Michelle Mohr, Corporate Credit Manager
Stetson Building Products  |  February 2021

NACM: A Network of Professional Support

"My NACM Heartland membership gives me access to a network of professionals who help me be a better credit professional.


The NACM Heartland Lunch + Learns are high on my list of things every credit professional should participate in. There is always at least one great takeaway that makes it worth my time. Plus, the socializing before and after meetings helps me recharge.


Then there are the credit exchange groups. Don’t be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere, these groups are essential. It’s a wonderful opportunity to ask questions because the members are so willing to share their knowledge and advice both at a high level, as well as providing details that make my job just a little easier. From thoughtful conversations about our shared industry to the exchange of factual data, I know I couldn’t find this type of professional support anywhere else."


Patti Artzer, Credit Manager
Liberty Ready Mix  |  March 2021

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