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Credit Exchange Groups

We host national, regional and local credit groups in agriculture, animal health, bio-fuels, construction and steel. These forums use industry-leading technology to help your business evaluate risk, while also providing you opportunities for networking and education.

A credit exchange group provides peer knowledge, education and training, and networking. Credit professionals from the same industry meet periodically to exchange information, including customer payment history, industry trends, and for professional education. These are fundamental to evaluating credit risk and business success.


Belonging to an industry group offers several benefits:

  • Receive NACM business credit reports on the customers submitted by group members for discussion

  • Networking

  • Meet credit professionals from your industry

  • Provide alerts of potential changes in creditworthiness, (for example, slowing trend, credit withdrawn, change in ownership, assignment for collection, NSF checks) to other group members.

We host a credit exchange groups in a number of industries — and likely yours.

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Credit Exchange Group 

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Credit Exchange Group 

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