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NACM’s Secured Transaction Services: An Extension of Your Credit Team

Kendall Payton, editorial associate, NACM

The construction industry presents unique challenges for credit professionals due to its complicated nature. For example, credit professionals must assess the risk associated with multiple parties involved in a single project. Cash flows in construction

often depend on project milestones and payments, making it challenging to predict when and how payments will be received.

Given these complexities, credit professionals in the construction industry must have a deep understanding of the industry's dynamics to effectively assess and manage credit risk. NACM’s Secured Transaction Services (STS) acts as an extension of your credit team to help manage the nuances of the construction industry.

STS brings a member-centric customer service aspect by putting members’ needs first. The personal touch behind all services make STS stand out from competitors. “We are engaged, we are focused and we are an extension of our members’ credit team,” said Jocelyn Vanlandingham, operations manager for STS (Columbia, MD). “Securing rights for our members is a top priority for us, so we handle and review every project as if it were our own.”

Some companies have worked with and used STS for more than a decade, establishing a strong relationship. Ricky Garcia, credit supervisor at Miner, LTD (San Antonio, TX) said his company has worked with STS since 2008, along with their management and staff. “STS works at a high level of consistency, promptness and professionalism,” Garcia said. “I believe this sets them apart from their competitors.”

The genuine passion to help credit professionals easily translates into the services STS provides to their customers. STS is managed by credit professionals, for credit professionals, said Anne Scarcella, CCE, CCRA, credit manager at Crawford Electric Supply Company, Inc. (Houston, TX). “The information is accurate, timely and important,” Scarcella added. “Customer service, reliability and reputation make NACM st

and apart. The website portal is also very user friendly and clear, and STS does a great job in the services they provide because each service is valuable for credit professionals.”

The STS Lien Navigator provides step-by-step time frames for all 50 states, D.C. and the Canadian provinces. The Lien Navigator contains links to statute references, quick list sections and "Speed Bump" warnings—cautioning users of nuances in the law. With a Miller Act section, public bond thresholds and values and a robust glossary, the Lien Navigator serves as a comprehensive guide accessible 24/7.

Sherry Raposo, corporate credit manager at VSS Emultech (West Sacramento, CA) said STS has many years of experience in the construction field and preparing preliminary notices. NTO services are especially helpful to credit teams who experience high volumes. “The verification process with NACM’s STS is grea

t because we get updates on when to act on jobs via their reminders, providing our customers with releases monthly,” Raposo said. “The NTO service is a one-stop shop and we can do all we need to do with the STS program.Not one job has ever been forgotten or overlooked by STS.”

With more than 100 years of experience, STS strives to fulfill all needs of credit professionals in the construction industry. In addition to services such as NTO and the Lien Navigator, STS provides a lien and bond claim filing program along with deadline tracking, demand letters, bond payment investigation services, UCC filings and a waiver manager. “Protecting our lien and bond rights to leverage payment and establishing credit on co

nstruction projects have been very helpful in our construction credit decision making,” said Garcia. “The services NACM’s STS provides are essential to our credit department and we will continue to access their expertise in the construction industry.”

Because STS believes that we are part of your team, your work is our work. STS pays attention to detail, question things that don’t look quite right and are always available to consultatively work with you so that together, we make the right decision. “We are a partnership service provider,” said Chris Ring of NACM’s Secured Transaction Services. “We consult with our member customers on a daily basis to provide best-in-class services and trusted guidance.”

For more information regarding NACM’s Secured Transaction Services, visit our website or contact STS representatives Chris Ring at and Jocelyn Vanlandingham at You can also join our Construction Credit Thought Leaders Discussion group to connect and network with others in the industry.

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