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New Credit Congress Dates + Virtual Sessions

NACM National announced the 2021 Credit Congress dates have been moved to Oct. 10-13, but the good news is they left the virtual sessions on June 8-10.

2021 NACM Credit Congress Live: Oct. 10-13 | Virtual sessions: June 8-10 Choose to participate in one or both events, but make sure you sign up by March 15 for early bird registration.

If you registered for Credit Congress before the October dates were announced, your registration automatically transferred.

Take a look at the information about some of the virtual sessions:

Anatomy of a Mechanic's Lien Lawsuit. While the majority of lien and bond claims settle before they reach the trial phase, we’ll look at the end game in a disputed lien or bond matter. We’ll discuss how to manage your lien and bond rights from the first sale of goods or services through the litigation and enforcement process. We will focus on what steps need to be taken at each phase of the lien or bond claim in order to ensure that a supplier’s rights in the real estate or bond are protected.

Tips to Assess a Bankruptcy Case. Learn tips to assess a bankruptcy once a notice of the filing is received. By following a few guidelines, you’ll be able to make some smart decisions and increase your probability of a more favorable outcome.

Digital Disbursement. $341.3 billion will be loaded into open-loop prepaid cards by 2020. Learn how you can optimize costs while giving customers/employees freedom to access and manage their money through Payroll, General Purpose, Payments and Disbursements, and Corporate Incentive.

How to Determine the Proper Risk and Exposure without Financials. As credit professionals, we’ve all had to determine the risk and exposure we are prepared to take when offering credit to a customer without the benefit of having their financials to examine. This session explores the options and tools that are available to help you determine the appropriate credit limit to successfully manage your risk and exposure. The main discussion points include the credit review process, including what information is needed, the sources of the information and the steps to complete the review.

Where Do We Go from Here? The US economy and the world changed unalterably due to the pandemic. What happens now? What are the five changes that will have permanently altered economic life? What are the aspects of the old economy expected to make a strong comeback? Is facing this kind of pandemic threat going to become an annual event?

To keep current with both the virtual and live Credit Congress updates, be sure to visit often. You may also register for both events, here too.

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