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Why and How the Construction Industry Is Getting Greener

The construction industry is traditionally notorious for consuming large amounts of raw materials and natural resources, but that may be about to change. The sector is making strides to find more sustainable alternatives and working to reduce its carbon footprint, according to a recent global survey from SAP, a German multinational software corporation.

"Construction firms are prioritizing sustainability in the supply chain to increase innovation in the products and services they offer," the report says.

What is driving this shift? Of the respondents, 59% said a sustainable supply chain is a competitive differentiator. Others noted meeting customer demands and reducing the costs of energy consumption as a reason for sustainability.

However, the construction industry continues to face some hurdles in becoming greener due to the nature of the business. Nearly three-quarters (43%) of respondents said limited availability of needed resources is standing in the way of creating more sustainable alternatives.

While setting positive intentions is a start, the sector still has a long way to go to become more energy-efficient. "Recognizing the importance of sustainability is not the same as incorporating sustainable practices into every stage of the product lifecycle … few have taken concrete steps to realize sustainability goals," the report states.

When asked what would make the biggest difference in helping meet sustainability goals, companies answered that offering more sustainable products (44%) and lowering the cost of these products (50%) would help the most.

This first appeared on the NACM blog. It is used with permission.

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